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Espionagem em São Paolo

For two flutes and piano

This piece is about two spies from MI6 who are sent to São Paolo on a mission to kill each other. However, they realize that MI6 is just trying to dispose of them and try to escape. However, MI6 has been watching them and sends in a third assassin to do the dirty deed...


Flute - Paul Hung

Flute - Joanna Tse

Piano - Vivian Sham

Valse de la Cirque Dernière

For Violin, Oboe, and Piano

Valse de la Cirque Dernière portrays the jumble of emotions a former circus performer feels while reminiscing on memories of the last circus. 


Oboe - Amy Denier

Violin - Sunny Chan

Piano - Helen Pei



For Solo Clarinet in A

Ra is about a man who is lost and dying in an Egyptian desert. As the arid wind blows around him, he musters the strength to take one last, haggered breath, looks at the blazing sun, and prays to Ra for mercy. An oasis appears in the distance, and the man runs toward the sanctuary. Upon his arrival, he once again prays to Ra, thanking the god for his benevolence. However, when the prayer is done, the man soon realizes the oasis was just a mirage, and cries out to Ra, cursing his name. This story is depicted in the piece using various contemporary techniques, including blowing through the instrument, audible inhales, glissandi, vibrato, timbral trills, singing and playing, and yelling.


Clarinet - Aidan Mulldoon Wong

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